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Madison Hypnosis Center

Curtis Ryals
Madison Hypnosis Center helps individuals train their own will power to make personal improvements ranging from weight loss, anxiety management, to peak performance in business, athletics, or academics. Our fundamental mission is to improve well-being through scientifically validated methods and mindfulness techniques, to allow individuals to gain agency over their lives in a way that works best for them. The future... [more]

Mission Statement

Wellness professionals committed to changing the face of health care by facilitating connections.


…between providers

…to resources in the community

…to best practices

…to the people we serve

…to the multifaceted components of wellness

Connecting practitioners within a new model for collaboration

We are a group of multi-disciplinary wellness professionals reaching out to other professionals and the community to tighten our beneficial bonds with the ultimate goal of providing the best resources, information and care to people, strengthening our communities. We are in private practice and within mainstream organizations; we are veteran practitioners and students. We are available to work with you, your organizations and your events.