Together in Wellness


We foster meaningful connections between wellness practitioners and the communities we serve.


Dignity, Inclusion, Collaboration, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence


  • Why We Began

    In 2013, MAWC was originally conceived as a way for private practice physical therapists to connect locally, but when we found there was a desire in the broad wellness fields to come together for support and opportunities for collaboration we quickly grew into something more.

  • What We Are

    A group of wellness providers and advocates dedicated to facilitating professional connection, collaboration, and support among members and within the communities we serve.

    Our areas of expertise as professionals and students include, but are not limited to: acupuncture, bodywork, chiropractic, health education, massage therapy, meditation, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, osteopathy, personal training, physical therapy, psychotherapy, public health, rehabilitation therapy, traditional allopathic medicine, yoga therapy and instruction, and wellness coaching.

  • How We Engage

    Among our members we do this by creating avenues for collaborative care, building growth through networking, providing professional development, and sharing resources.

    Within our communities we simplify access to holistic care through provider listings, educational resources, and events. Additionally, we are active in community wellness initiatives and foster partnerships focused on equity in health care and deepening the practice of being well in our lives.


We’d like to thank the following members for their generosity in making this site a reality: Anne Forbes, Christine Koth, Doreen Giles, Iris Mickey, Jessica Dufault, Kate Behrens, Katy Wallace, Kristi Hallisy, Megan Bjella, Michele Wensman, Nathan Dufault, Robb Seal, Sara Krebsbach, Shannon Kunstman, Steve Gloe, Susan Frikken