Body Mechanics Physical Therapy

Adam Lindsey

2450 Rimrock Road, Ste. 206
Madison, WI 53713
Phone: 608-422-5085

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Mission Statement
Our Mission is to help people achieve and maintain an efficient and well-functioning body throughout their lives. We provide clients with specialized hands on manual therapy to create physical changes in their bodies and prescribe specific exercises to help them keep that change. Our staff represents the Madison area’s only Certified Functional Manual Therapy physical therapy providers.

History Of Practice
Body Mechanics has been in operation in Madison since 2014. One of our goals is to provide lower cost services outside of the traditional insurance based health care system. We accept some insurances, but over half of our clients pay cash! We believe in having a community presence and have provided free injury consultation services at events such as the Parkinson's Run, the Boy's and Girl's Club Ride and other community events.

Personal Statement
Adam Lindsey MPT,DPT,CFMT received a Bachelors Degree in Biology and Masters Degree in Physical Therapy in 2001 and 2004 respectively from the University of Wisconsin. He returned to school while maintaining a full work schedule to earn his Doctorate of Physical therapy in 2010 from Temple University. As a physical therapist in search of better skills to help patients, Adam began training with the Institute of Physical Art in 2005. This led him to certification through the institute in 2010, passing with honors. He then completed a fellowship at the Institute of Physical Art as the best way to continue to improve skills to once again better patient care. Education of students and other physical therapist is also a passion of Adam’s and therefore in 2012 he ventured to India for a year to teach Functional Manual Therapy to Indian physical therapists for one year. He opened Body Mechanics Physical Therapy - Madison in 2014.

Upcoming Projects
Research: Co-authoring and currently collecting data on a study regarding cervical stabilization exercise.