Dr Allison Becker

Allison Becker

7 E Main Street, Suite 4
Evansville, WI 53536
Phone: 608-882-1388

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Mission Statement
I provide high quality, effective natural medical care for the whole family. My clinical focus is with folks with chronic fatigue, pain, women's health and children's health. I help people discover the cause of what distracts from their optimal health. I then create an individualized plan to address the whole person and create sustainable, long-lasting wellness using non-invasive, safe, natural methods.

History Of Practice
I have served the Middle West for 10 years. I am in a collaborative group of providers including physical therapists, family therapist, a chiropractor, mindfulness and yoga. We call ourselves the Good Care Collective. We are located in Evansville, just 20 miles south of Madison.

Personal Statement
I am passionate about my work, my family, my pets (2 cats, 1 dog and 1 horse) and personal and environmental sustainability. I feel blessed to truly love my work as a doctor.

Upcoming Projects
I lead group seasonal cleanses out of my clinic each Spring and Fall. I also love to teach in all forms and regularly offer workshops related to Naturopathic Medicine, Chinese Medicine and living vibrantly.

Other Groups and Organizations
I am in private practice, but am a part of the Good Care Collective based in Evansville.