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Andrea Short

Verona, WI 53593
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Mission Statement
As a Fertility Coach, it's my mission to help women conceive naturally and try to avoid IVF/IUI. There are so many facets to infertility, and I look at multiple areas to uncover why they are struggling with infertility. As a Maternity Nutrition & Wellness Specialist and Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist, it's my mission to help women have the healthiest pregnancy they can so they can give their baby the best start to life. Pregnancy is such a beautiful experience and incredible journey, and I want women to enjoy it to the best of their abilities. This will not only make women have more energy and be healthier, but empower them and feel confident in their body. Good nutrition and fitness is going to set the foundation for your baby in the womb and in their future.

Personal Statement
Healthy body, healthy mind. Take care of yourself, and in return you will better be able to care for your family.