PULSE Kettlebells and Yoga

Anne Jelinek

6720 Frank Lloyd Wright Ave
Middleton, WI 53562

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Mission Statement
It is our mission to provide clients with the tools and skills for strength of body and heart. We provide personalized programs that maximize vitality while keeping the body-mind connection intact and promoting a sense of self care and self love. It is our goal to provide each client and student with an experience that improves their daily life and sense of well being. True wellness is a result of self respect, dedication and grace, honoring the needs of both the body and the mind as they arise. We recognize that individual nervous systems function uniquely and need support as such! We work with clients to establish a safe training environment, the being with flexibility and mobility to create the foundation for strength. Strength is the foundation for endurance and power. And we practice as such, using our bodies and appropriate tools to build proficiency in each area before moving on to the next.

History Of Practice
Anne Jelinek, owner of PULSE Kettlebells and Yoga, is an SFG II Kettlebell Instructor, 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and Certified Z Health Practitioner (R, I, S, T) specializing in the neurology of pain and performance and the intersection of corrective exercise, mindful self-care and neurological change. She works with people in pain, helps athletes with goals of all shapes and sizes, and trains Strong First candidates on their path to certification. Since 2008, Annie has helped lawyers in Washington, D.C., high tech executives in Silicon Valley, indie authors, belt-makers, grandmas and amazing humans of all kinds heal injuries, develop unimaginable strength and love themselves at a deeper level. Anne believes that every person is perfect as they are ... and has the capacity for transformation through movement and self-care.

Personal Statement
Unapolagetically irreverent and unconditionally loving, Annie Jelinek is a squashy-hearted bad-ass who loves Chuck Taylors and tattoos, and helping humans in pain learn to experience and live in freedom through strength and insight practices. In recovery from chronic perfectionism and restriction, binge eating and exercise addiction, Annie speaks and blogs candidly about the connections between her recovery, yoga and strength path with both her clients and at public and private events.

Upcoming Projects
I'm working to create a community - both online and in person- where humans in pain feel safe, supported and successful in their movement practices, mindfulness work and metabolic recovery! It's my deep belief that the split between the heart and the physical body is in deep need of healing in our industry, and I'm hoping to continue my private coaching practice while expanding my passion for writing, speaking and workshops across the country.