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Annie Bachmann

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Mission Statement
TAO SANGHA is a global community movement founded in Kyoto, Japan by Ryokyu Endo, a Buddhist priest and master of Shiatsu. The Sanskrit word, "SANGHA" represents the "unification of all beings in the world, without exception". TAO SANGHA is, therefore, a global community whose aim is to unify the hearts and spirits of people everywhere, regardless of nationality, religion, culture, gender or ethnicity. The heart and spirit of Tao are universal and common to all people. For the purpose of making this world a better place in which to live, we strive to spread and awaken this commonality of heart and spirit among all people. Thus, the underlying, charitable intent of the community is in keeping with Taoist values of selflessness and service to others without seeking personal gain. It is an opportunity to receive the pleasure that comes from giving and find relief from our attachment tendency. We invite all interested in the path of spiritual growth for yourself and others to join!

History Of Practice
Tao Shiatsu is the revival of the original Asian hands-on medical therapy which focuses on the recovery of the patient's life force energy (Ki) circulating through the channels in the body.Stagnated and toxic Ki are released making it possible for stress, pain and disease to be healed from their source in the subconsciousness. In a Tao Shiatsu treatment, the practitioner applies sustained pressure to specific release points along the receiver's Ki energy channels (meridians), and gives assisted stretches to complement this healing process. After graduating from the International Tao Shiatsu School in Kyoto, Japan in 1995, I started giving treatments in Madison in private practice as well as at various places such as Meriter Hospital and Cameo Day Spa. In 2000 I opened the Tao Sangha Healing Center, where I offer shiatsu treatments as well as training in Tao Shiatsu therapy, along with other eastern health classes, activities, and the spiritual practice of Nembutsu Buddhist Chanting.

Personal Statement
The Tao Sangha Healing Center is surrounded by a large urban organic garden, which I love to work in when I have time. I also love cooking and putting food by, making music, singing, dancing, exchanging good and bad jokes, hanging out with young people, and dreaming toward and making the world a better place.

Upcoming Projects
I am passionate about discovering through sharing with others all the ways we can make the world a better place and care about the health of ourselves and our planet as if they are not separate from each other. I plan to give workshops on this topic in the future.

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