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Christie Gause-Bemis

38 Waunona Woods Ct.
Madison, WI 53713
Phone: 7154510448

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Mission Statement
Our mission is to guide women to reignite their passions, purpose and play. We support women in the transformations they are desiring in their relationships, businesses and self-care. Women place themselves last on their to do lists. Women will put pleasure last as well. We work with women to change the way that they view themselves and invite them to put pleasure first. The natural tendency to caretake will be much healthier for women who have filled up their cups first and allowing the overflow to those they love next. Women also limit themselves in what is possible for their lives. We support women to take risks and live a life they desire now, not someday, but now.

History Of Practice
Hot Pink YOUniversity was started in 2011. The company is run by Christie Gause-Bemis, MSW, LCSW and Ann Murgatroyd-Soe, MSSW, LCSW, both psychotherapist who saw that the work they were doing in a clinical setting was worthwhile and important for all women. They combined their years of practice, tools and techniques to create a 6 month program, Woman on Fire, which guides women through a step-by-step process to remove limitations, say yes to pleasure and what is desired, and feel supported with a positive tribe of women who have one another's back in life. Their work extends into other offerings such as retreats, mentoring, entrepreneurial programs and mentoring, travel, speaking and more.

Personal Statement
Often times you give to others what you need most. For me, Hot Pink YOUniversity is an endeavor of my heart and soul. In losing my sister to cancer in 1996, I was a seeker of deepened sisterhood and the power of women gathering. That loss and longing is eventually what opened me up to possibilities. I was healed by retreat work, therapy, gathering of positive women and travel. To be able to use that personal experience and combine it with my professional training as a psychotherapist is the ultimate goal of a life well lived. I hope to be able to use my own past to help women create a powerful now and future. I have seen the transformation that is possible when you tap back into your life and have the support you need to create a life that you desire now, not some day, when all the stars align, but now.

Upcoming Projects
My current research is to deepen the experience that women have in our program, Woman on Fire. What motivates women in particular and what sustains change. I also am very open right now to exploring the interplay of masculine energy and feminine energy. We all have both. In focusing for the past several years on just women, I am recognizing the important missing piece of the masculine energy at play. This is something I am exploring. My other area of interest and planning is supporting women entrepreneurs with moving from vision to reality. I have learned many things over the past few years in growing Hot Pink YOUniversity to what it is today and want to be an ambassador of that knowledge. When women create streams of money into their lives they are empowered to make healthier choices, increase their self-care and be able to support others in their lives to a greater capacity.

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