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Christine Milovani

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Madison, WI 53715
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Mission Statement
Philosophy of Healing: Systems are integral to healing the whole person in balance with personal and community environments. This allows one to find realistic opportunities for growth while creating a balance between body, mind, emotions and spirit, supported by daily personal practices and healthy lifestyle choices. Choice is essential for creating system-wide changes for sustainable wellbeing. Making small changes in any area of one's life, begins to effect change in other areas. Starting where the person is ready to make a change ensures an empowered investment in the healing process. Empowerment is the key to self-healing. The practitioner facilitates a process which supports activating the innate healing power and motivation for an individual to become invested in the healing process. Collaboration with the individual and health care providers creates an integrated approach that respects personal choices for healing and growth.

History Of Practice
Christine Milovani, MSW, LCSW, received her undergraduate degree in Social Work at Marquette University, and received her Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Christine is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Reiki Practitioner & Teacher, and Certified Integral Qigong & Tai Chi Practitioner. By utilizing her skills in social work, counseling, spirituality and the healing arts, she offers sessions that are unique for each person. She has been coordinating and facilitating groups, workshops, retreats and conferences for 25 years in the areas of Personal Development, Health and Spirituality. In 2000, Christine founded Healing & Balance LLC for her private practice and Synergy Whole Health for consulting and education services. In addition to her private practice, Christine has also worked as a Medical and Clinical Social Worker in hospital, clinic, and mental health settings.

Personal Statement
Christine enjoys living a healthy lifestyle in the country with her husband, David. She is surrounded by wise friends, mentors and teachers who help her mind, heart and spirit grow equally. She loves movement and dancing, and considers qigong a way to dance with energy. Christine and David enjoy cooking together with locally grown food from their own garden. Recently they have been growing herbs for tea and medicinal tinctures. She eats gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free for her continued health. Christine's favorite vacations have been in Hawaii, Japan, Costa Rica, Arizona, and Utah. One more meaningful opportunity for Christine, is the honor to officiate and plan heartfelt wedding ceremonies for her close friends and clients. If you are interested, and in love, just ask!