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Plan-it Lean

Deborah Arneson

228 A Main Street
Cambridge, WI 53523
Phone: 3126183864 Consulting Line

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Mission Statement
For decades the American public has been inundated in conflicting information in regards to "what is good for us" and what is not...... layered again and again with mixed messages that are at odds with solid common sense! Our goal at Plan-it Lean is to clear the confusion. To give every person that walks on this planet affordable access to clean, unfettered information. This is our mission! Tailored personalized Food Maps, EXPAND YOUR NUTRITION IQ® notifications & easy breezy recipes help clients make savvy decisions about the future of their health! Knowledge empowers which in turn creates positive changes. Blasting Fat, boundless energy, looking and feeling energized is the bonus! Our wish for everyone from Advanced Nutrition of Plan It Lean? All the blessings good health brings!

History Of Practice
Veteran and Licensed Clinical Nutritionist Deborah Arneson is the brainchild behind her the Plan-it Lean App. With 30 years plus in the field of clinical nutrition she brings to the table a robust repertoire of experience. As a health editor for Today's Chicago Woman, producer of numerous radio and cable TV shows as well as national health educator for The Jag Group Intl educating pharmacists & physicians. Her first passion is "EXPANDING others NUTRITION INTELLIGENCE"! The creator of Plan-it Lean holds a B.S. in Biochemistry & Food Science, along with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. A renowned speaker/lecturer she has a life long history hosting Health & Wellness Seminars. Corporations include Blue/Cross Blue Shield of Il., Cook County/ Provident Hospitals, Farley Industries, & State Farm. Her current goal? Guiding thousands of confused souls on how to reverse diabetic trends, blast fat fast while sidestepping a life filled with debilitating copious amounts of drugs & medications.

Personal Statement
Expanding the public's nutrition IQ, by raising awareness. Helping individuals to to dodge bullets such as inflammatory diseases, chronic conditions, diabetes, obesity, as well as cancer.

Upcoming Projects
The Plan-it Lean App is currently available online . The Plan-it Lean Mobile App will be available in Apple + Google stores April 2019.

Other Groups and Organizations
American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, American Academy of Nutrition Consultant, State of IL Licensed Nutrition/Dietetics, National Association of Nutrition Professionals