The Empowerment Cafe

Dolores Kokinos

Madison WI , WI
Phone: 608-221-2775

Website: The Empowerment Cafe
Mission Statement
Empowering people with the confidence skills to overcome the fear, doubts and insecurities that stand in their way of reaching their full potential.

History Of Practice
In 2005 I developed the process I call The Empowerment Principles to teach people how to overcome the low self confidence and low self-esteem. It birthed from my own needs to help my three young children overcome the lack of confidence they were displaying in their school work as well as their social interactions. The principles are a collection of over twenty years of research that draws upon some of the best scholars in social behavior, healthy relationships, learning styles, emotional intelligence and parenting techniques. I started teaching the principles to daycare providers, after school program staff and small women groups in 2006. Since the early beginnings I have been a workshop presenter at conferences throughout Wisconsin. This past year I spoke on the connection between empathy and confidence at the Poverty Matters Conference and the link between behaviors and a person's level of confidence at the Wisconsin AfterSchool Association conference.

Personal Statement
I believe our culture does more to damage a person's self esteem and confidence than to help develop it. Our culture teaches skills to children through a punitive approach. This approach makes the child believe that they aren't a good person, which is their self esteem and confidence. These children grow into adults and bring with them their personal baggage (low self esteem and under confidence) that is counter productive in their careers, health, finances, relationship and family. I believe we have to bring awareness and education to parents, educators, child care providers and employers on how to effectively interact with people to restore and build self esteem and confidence.

Upcoming Projects
I like working collaboratively with others on projects that work to bring about sustainable change for individuals so they can stop the cycle of behaviors that just aren't positively serving them. I currently volunteer my time with the TimeBank as a service provider to the Peer Youth Court system in Madison. I teach personal empowerment and confidence skills to the sentenced teens. I have been providing these services since 2009.

Other Groups and Organizations
Member of the Fitchburg Chamber and Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs.