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Eileen Schutte

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De Forest, WI 53532
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Mission Statement
After struggling with many different health conditions where mainstream medicine did not have any answers, I committed myself to finding the answers in nutrition and lifestyle. Every day I see people suffering from health conditions - IBS, chronic migraines, Fibromylgia, chronic fatigue where there are no answers medically. It is my passion to share my knowledge in not just nutrition but functional medicine to help others discover the true underlying cause and for them to achieve their health goals. And, to teach and help clients about how to incorporate foods that truly "speak to their genes".

History Of Practice
I have been in practice since 2012 after receiving my Masters. During the last 4 years, I have helping clients' achieve their health goals and have continued to educate myself on how food is medicine and that changing lifestyle habits can be the answer to their health problems not drugs. Over that last few years, my practice has grown to consist of clients struggling with conditions that there really are not any good answers for medically, IBS, Fibromylgia, hormonal imbalances and chronic migraines. This lead me to complete my certification in Functional Nutrition and I am now a certified LEAP Therapist, the leading food sensitivity testing and program to get my clients back to a healthy gut. Combing this with genetic counseling and nutrigenomics, I am able to offer a truly personalized nutrition plan and lifestyle plan to my clients.

Upcoming Projects
Completion of my certification in Functional Nutrition & Exam for Certified Clinical Nutrition. To further my knowledge on how to incorporate nutrigenomics and how food can speak to the genes leading the way to true prevention of disease not just "diagnosis" of disease.

Other Groups and Organizations
National Association of Professional Nutritionists, Professional Member of American College of Nutrition