A Woman's Touch Sexuality Resource Center

Ellen Barnard

302 S Livingston St.
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608-250-1928

Website: A Woman's Touch Sexuality Resource Center
Social Media: Facebook
Mission Statement
To provide education and support around sexual health and pleasure to both consumers and professionals. We offer brief counseling around sexual health concerns, workshops and trainings for both consumers and professionals, and products to support sexual health and pleasure.

History Of Practice
We have been in existence for 18 years, serving both consumers and professionals in a variety of capacities. We offer training and consultation with health professionals around learning more about sexual health and wellness, as well as ways to address common sexual dysfunctions without using prescription medications.

Personal Statement
We believe that education is the best way to help people achieve their sexual potential. We are proud to offer a comfortable place where no topic is too taboo and people can feel welcome regardless of who they are. Yoga, dogs, cooking (Ellen), gardening, pottery (Myrtle), community development and service.

Upcoming Projects
We are currently working up an online education program in sexual health and function for professionals, helping with a study to look at a non-pharmacological treatment for postmenopausal vaginal atrophy, dryness and dyspareunia, launching a new web site that is more clinical for targeted shopping around sexual health, and developing two new personal lubricants. Lots more - always busy, love doing talks, educating providers (ask for a tour of the store and talk on how we can support you and what services we offer to your clients), and more.