The Wonder of Yoga, LLC

Ellen L Millar

101 Frost Woods Rd, Apt 313
Monona and the greater Madison Area, WI 53716
Phone: 608-444-4058

Website: The Wonder of Yoga, LLC
Mission Statement
Sharing the "wonder of yoga" with individuals with limitations. Emphasis is on breath, asanas and learning awareness of self. Individuals many use chairs, stand or sit on the floor for any part of the class they choose. Other props are incorporated as needed to make asanas accessible to every student. The goal is to awaken potential and expand the individuals world. Balance, flexibility, strength and increased vitality are prime achievements students report.

History Of Practice
Practice developed as a way to encourage seniors to "age gracefully." Retirees, elders and people with limitations can keep moving forward, keep learning, and can retrain unused or injured muscles. Life is worth living and this practice, although primarily yoga, incorporates tips and information that makes the journey easier and more enjoyable. I have taught at senior centers, senior apartment complexes, a yoga studio and businesses.

Personal Statement
I was on the down-hill trail to inactivity with decreasing well-being. Started yoga and the rest is history. My new purpose in life is to share the possibilities with as many as possible. Life can be up-hill no matter your age or limitations. My desire is to keep learning and to incorporate any valuable information in my classes, keep them fresh, fun and transformational. Hopefully reach many and change lives. In addition to teaching "Easy Yoga Plus!," I enjoy making presentations about aging changes and positive ways to navigate these changes gracefully. In November 2017 I completed the Master Class "Yoga for Seniors" offered at Duke University Department of Integrative Medicine. This evidence-base program equips teachers with the necessary medical information to provide safe and effective yoga for those with limitations, especially seniors.

Upcoming Projects
1. Planning to make DVDs so there is a way to make the program accessible to the home-bound as well as a supplement to regular classes. 2. Developing a program of "Easy Yoga Plus! Especially for Seniors" which will incorporate yoga and socialization opportunities. Hoping to find funding for scholarships for those on fixed incomes and for transportation costs for those unable to drive. 3. Working with Madison Public Library to plan activities for Senior Citizen's Month, May 2018.

Other Groups and Organizations
Perennial Yoga & Meditation, LLC; Dane County Committee on Aging; Member teacher of Duke University's Integrative Medicine Master Class "Yoga for Seniors", (evidence-based program)