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Emily Niesen

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Mission Statement
As a Holistic Health Coach, I help my clients adopt happier and healthier lifestyles that mimic the simple good'ol days when our food didn't have ingredient lists, exercise was working outdoors, and family and healthy relationships were priority.

History Of Practice
Even with lots of knowledge and interest in fitness and health, it was my Corporate Human Resources job that inspired me to turn my passion into my business. Physical Activity, relationships, and homemade meals have always brought me joy and take priority in my life. It was the career part that was taking all of my energy and after a few years I realized I was not going to fall into this way of life where I count the days until retirement. I learned more about this "Circle of Life" and how it must be complete before our actual tangible food makes a difference in our health, while receiving my certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. After receiving my certification and taking on a few clients, I was able to take the leap and am now the owner of Nostalgic Nutrition & Well-Being. I could not have done it without the support of my husband and family. I love what I do and now my clients get 100% of me and my passion to upgrade their lives!

Personal Statement
Before my certification in Holistic Health Coaching, I worked in my other passion of speaking Spanish and doing Bilingual Translation, Human Resource services, and some tutoring. One of my most fun jobs was at American Girl (aka Santa's workshop). I am also an indoor spinning instructor and love to snowshoe when there's snow and run when there's clean country roads.

Upcoming Projects
In the near future I hope to host a Wellness Retreat at my house in the country. Activities would include meals and cooking demonstrations or classes, hiking, yoga, R&R time on the front porch. Another future plan is to be able to be a bilingual Holistic Health Coach.

Other Groups and Organizations
I am mostly independent but there are a few practitioners in the Sauk Prairie area who practice at EJ Movement Pilates Studio. This is where I have done the majority of my workshops.