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Scratch Pilates

Erica Pinigis

341 State Street
Madison , WI 53703
Phone: (608)241-8843

Website: Scratch Pilates
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Mission Statement
Fully certified in STOTT PILATES®, Total Barre, and CORE (HIIT), I offer private sessions to folks from all walks of life – from grandparents that want to play more with their grandchildren to professional dancers looking to refine movement patterns or stay fit in an off season. My biggest goal for all of my clients is that they achieve a more embodied and easeful life.

History Of Practice
I worked intensively for the past several years in the STOTT PILATES® San Francisco Bay Area Licensed Training Center, Blue Sparrow Pilates. Fully STOTT certified with Injuries and Special Populations training, I taught 35 hours per week of private sessions for clients with goals ranging from managing auto-immune conditions and multiple sclerosis, pre-surgical strengthening, pre and post-natal care, as well as injury prevention, recovery, athletic conditioning, and targeted movement patterning for professional dancers, cyclists, and other athletes. I helped them achieve more fully active lives and decreased pain. I have also worked as a post-rehab trainer – meaning that I have worked in conjunction with a Physical Therapist after the most acute healing is done to supplement the PT’s homework exercises and ensure that proper form is being maintained. Since relocating to Madison I have started teaching weekly classes and privates through Jules Pilates and Kanopy Dance.

Upcoming Projects
I'd like to make prenatal and postpartum Pilates more accessible and affordable to the general public. I'm interested in partnering with community organizations with similar projects or goals in mind.