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Erika Anderson

Erika Anderson

3866 Johns Street
Madison, Wi 53714
Phone: 608-729-3389

Website: Erika Anderson
Social Media: Facebook
Mission Statement
My mission is to assist individuals on their search for growth and change through Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Moving to a state of happiness and ease involves accessing all three levels of existence: the physical, emotional and mental aspects of ourselves. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine speak to the body in a unique way that allows for change and alignment to occur, touching on all three levels. Once that takes place, a new integrated internal communication occurs that supports the body's innate ability to heal itself.

History Of Practice
I grew up in Madison and left to seek out my degree in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Portland, OR. After graduating, I began a practice in Central Oregon and Portland. After a few years away, I realized that my desire to return to the community I grew up in was stronger than my drive to stay there and in early 2016, I returned to Madison where I now have my practice. My approach is palpation-based combined with a gentle-Japanese-style technique that can strongly address a wide variety of conditions. I treat a wide variety of conditions at a variety of life stages and am always open to discussing whether acupuncture can assist with a given health concern. I specialize in digestive health, dermatological conditions and mental-emotional wellness.

Personal Statement
I always enjoy introducing someone to acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Having resolved health issues of my own using these modalities, I feel excited and dedicated to providing relief to those who are searching for a way to strengthen their own ability to heal. It's truly a joy to work with individuals who appreciate their bodies and seek benefit from having a supportive witness as they embrace their process of change.