Practice Types

Bodymind Evolution

Gregory Newman M.S.

45 Wood Brook Way
Fitchburg, WI 57311
Phone: (608) 770-4633

Website: Bodymind Evolution
Mission Statement
I offer you gentle, one-to-one assistance for uncovering and neurologically rewiring any mental/emotional patterns that may be causing you to experience a loss of creativity, unhappiness, or even physical or psychological symptoms. Bodymind Evolution is a new paradigm of transformation that honors your wholeness, the intelligence of your body, and your ability to be the source of your evolution. BME is also a natural complement to counseling, psychotherapy, yoga and meditation practices, 12-step work, and alternative and traditional health care and therapies. Bodymind Evolution is a way to discover what's possible for you.

History Of Practice
I'm the originator of Bodymind Evolution. BME is based on my experiences in over 20 years of practice as a body-centered personal and relationship coach, and massage therapist/bodyworker. It draws from my extensive training with bodymind integration pioneers Drs. Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, and the pioneering work of Ron Kurtz, Moshe Feldenkrais and others. BME also draws from leading-edge research in neuroscience, quantum physics, systems theory and consciousness expansion.

Personal Statement
I love evolution. And nothing is more fun than evolving with others who want to experience more creativity, happiness and success in their lives. Bodymind Evolution is an expression of my essence and the most satisfying way I’ve found to celebrate my life on earth.

Upcoming Projects
In addition to facilitating BME sessions for individuals and couples (in-person, over-the-phone and by Skype), I also provide Bodymind Evolution workshops for groups and businesses who want to expand in creativity, aliveness and success.