Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork

Heidi Aschenbrenner

6417 Normandy Lane, Suite 208
Madison, WI 53719
Phone: 608-438-5342

Website: Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork
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Mission Statement
To provide a safe space to all for healing of physical issues and energetic imbalances which could be their source. We at Renu have a special interest in reaching out to the transgender community and anyone else who might not feel safe or welcomed in such an intimate setting with a massage or bodyworker therapist.

History Of Practice
I purchased a massage business in December 2011 which was more of a day spa, and I have transformed it into a more bodywork and energy healing practice. We've got male, female, and gender nonbinary therapists on our team. The therapists who work at Renu are excellent; it took me a long time to build the team that I have, and I highly recommend each of them.

Personal Statement
I have a background in business and accounting (CPA & MBA), have always had a bit of a right brain/left brain combo going on in my life. I also teach fitness dance and strength classes a few times a week, which I've done since 2003.

Upcoming Projects
My focus is still on growing the business to a sustainable level, and we are almost there! I'd love to expand clients' usage of essential oils and be able to move into a better space in a few years, with the ability to add esthetician services and expand the usage of our infrared sauna and salt scrubs.

Other Groups and Organizations
None, I've been wanting to find something like this!