SENSE Movement, LLC

Heidi Krause

Studio C, Weston Place: 625 N. Segoe Rd. Madison WI 53705
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Social Media: SENSE Movement
Mission Statement
SENSE aims to foster community enrichment and collaborative action through the cultivation of broadened awareness and creative encouragement. Through Somatic Movement Education/ Therapy, Embodiment Trainings, Creative-Flow Workshops and Collaborative Performances/ Events, SENSE offers opportunities to connect the dots... Forming constellations between ourselves/ our truths, those around us, the environments we depend on, and the broader communities we exist in.

History Of Practice
Educator for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Continuing Studies Division since 2014 Courses: Movement Explorations Modern Dance Workshops: -Movement As Language -Creative Flow and Contemplation -Dancing the Museum- Embodied Art Interpretation -Character Movement Certified Yoga Trainer since 2012 Certified LMT through National Board of Therapeutic Massage and Body work in 2012. (Lead Massage Therapist at Elements Therapeutic Massage 2012-2014. Freelance In-Home Massage Therapist 2014-2018) World Traveling Freelance Somatic Improvisation Educator, Choreographer and Flow Practice Facilitator: 2014-present. Collaborative Researcher, with Laban-Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in NYC since September 2018.

Personal Statement
As a multi-disciplinary artist/educator who travels frequently, I’m grateful for the sense of rootedness I have in Madison. This has become a grounding space for me. In the summers, you may find me swimming across Devil’s lake with my husband and fur baby in a boat beside me. In these blissful times, I feel most connected to nature’s call for preservation. So, I am always looking for passionate people and organizations to collaborate with on productions (film/ live performance) which draw audiences towards heightened awareness and action.

Upcoming Projects
Next up in Madison! Global Water Dances—June 15th. Seeking movers, facilitators and conservationists! —— My continual somatic research has led me to teach Qualitative Movement and Positioning for Actors on Broadway (Gibney Studios, NYC), 'Movement Explorations' for the UW Madison Continuing Studies Division, Intergenerational Creative Movement Experiences for The Rumpus Room Circus Arts School, and Gentle Expressions for frail seniors with Parkinson’s at Hope and a Future Assisted Living Home. I continue to develop my pedagogy as I embody my research. Off hours, I often find myself zoning into resources pertaining to any of the following fields: Neurology, Psychology, Anthropology, Mythology, Creative Writing Models, Quantum Physics, new findings on the Myofascial System/ Microtubules, and comparative arts/literature studies. I pay attention to how my body responds to new information/discussion, and creatively process through choreography, drawing, painting, and/or writing.

Other Groups and Organizations
-Registered as a Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator through ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Educators/Therapists Association) -Writer for IDOCDE (International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education). -Certified Movement Analyst through the Laban-Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies -Collective Body NYC -Underground Artists Collectives, NYC -Madison Movement and Creative Arts Co-op.