Dairyland Sports

Jacob Graboski

Fitchburg, WI 53711
Phone: 715-252-8520

Website: Dairyland Sports
Mission Statement
To improve accessibility and quality of adaptive sports in the state of Wisconsin through support, education, advocacy, and programming for athletes with physical disabilities.

History Of Practice
Dairyland Adaptive Sports is a new non-profit organization (2017) that was created to improve the overall experience of athletes with physical disabilities in the state of Wisconsin. Our staff recognized the need to develop this organization after the overwhelming success and growth of our adaptive sports competition, The Dairyland Games, held annually at Middleton High School. The Dairyland Games is the first and only adaptive sports competition in Wisconsin sanctioned by Adaptive Sports USA. It is a two-day competition that includes swimming, archery, track/field, and power lifting. Athletes that compete in this event are able to qualify for Junior Nationals, the largest adaptive sports competition. The Dairyland Games has attracted athletes from all over the Midwest and we have received extensive financial support from local Madison sponsors. The development of Dairyland Adaptive Sports will build upon this success to improve the experience of the athlete with disabilities.

Upcoming Projects
Dairyland Games 2018 (adaptive sports competition) Consulting and/or training of athletes with physical disabilities Providing financial assistance to existing adaptive sports organizations to improve quality of services Providing scholarships for college bound athletes with physical disabilities Creating a comprehensive website that families can use to find all adaptive sports opportunities in Wisconsin