The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

Kate Seal

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Mission Statement
Childbirth is much like swimming - if you don't learn how to do it, you may drown. Thanks to 'The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth', my husband and I had all the tools we needed to successfully and naturally birth two beautiful and healthy babies. These experiences were transformative and empowering and felt like a 'rite of passage' for me as a woman and as a mother. The labor process felt familiar and peaceful because we were prepared. I want more than anything to help YOU have a positive experience in childbirth and to help you plan and prepare for the birth that you will find most fulfilling. “Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.” – Harriette Hartigan

History Of Practice
The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth is a 12 week series. The classes are once weekly and are approximately 2 hours long. Class content includes: Relaxation, Nutrition, Pregnancy/Postpartum Exercises, Coach Role & Preparation, Stages of Labor & the Creation of a Positive Environment, Birth Planning, Labor Rehearsals, How to Handle Unexpected Events in Labor, Postpartum Preparation & Intro to Breastfeeding.

Personal Statement
'Women of Earth, take back your birth!' - Barbara Harper. It's time to transform childbirth from a 'medical procedure' into a natural experience that we manifest through thorough training of both the mother & coach (the coach can be the husband, significant other, friend, parent or any partnership team that is YOUR family). Our bodies are blueprinted to birth babies but instincts alone may not be enough to have a natural, unmedicated birth. There is power in knowledge and education as well as in muscle memory and repetition. Bottom line: learning to RELAX takes practice. Relaxation is the fundamental key in the Bradley Method training and is the safest and most effective way to reduce unnecessary pain. Relaxation of the mind, emotions, and body can create efficient labors and rid any fear - panic - pain cycle that leads to unnecessary medical intervention. We share the stories of our babies births for our entire lifetime....let's make YOUR story one that promotes pride and joy!

Other Groups and Organizations
American Association of Husband-Coached Childbirth (AAHCC), The Bradley Method of Husband-Coached Natural Childbirth