Kathy Oppegard Coaching

Kathy Oppegard

309 N. Blount, Unit C
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608/421-3725

Website: Kathy Oppegard Coaching
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Mission Statement
• To bring joy and play into the lives of adults. • To help adults "Play More and Worry Less" thereby increasing their creativity and well-being, and their capacity to have healthy, happy relationships, juicy work, and fulfilling community. • To engage people in harnessing their own wellness, and to encourage them to do so intentionally. • To rejuvenate creativity, love, wellness, and community. Play. It's something we're not "supposed to do" as adults, and yet it is essential to us, to our creativity, to our bodies' health, and to our relationships. Through the power of play, and work as play, I guide people in rediscovering their best selves, and help shake off the stress and worry of the day, to create lives of joy, purpose and passion.

History Of Practice
I'm delighted to be a certified Martha Beck Life Coach. I've been coaching professionally since January of 2014. I love to help people "detangle", or get out of their own way to create new work or add more creativity and playfulness to their lives. Women on the Water is a special retreat for women to gather, enjoy time on the water (we've canoed the lovely Sugar River), and eat a gourmet lunch.

Personal Statement
I love to read, garden, eat at pot-lucks, dance, laugh, be outside and listen to and tell stories. I'm a mom, an environmentalist, and I love animals and reveling in the beauty of plants and colors.

Upcoming Projects
I invite people to playfully create new work, rejuvenate their friendships, and create more playful, fulfilling lives through coaching packages with me. I offer a 6 week and 3 month package, which allows people to create traction and positive changes in their lives, through private weekly phone sessions (and access to fun resources) with me. The first, exploratory session for the client is free, and it's Play More, Worry Less--A Playful Life Strategy Session,' where we discover where play and creativity is missing, and some practical, easy ways to add it back in right away. I've taught a'Playing with Money' workshop that explores this: Imagine the kind of freedom you could enjoy if how you earned money, spent and invested it, if it all felt lined up with your truest, kindest, most playful self. I'd love to do this workshop again for a group, along with my'Playful Relationships' class. I'd love to collaboratively teach a class about the'Body Compass', which is a way that peop

Other Groups and Organizations
I'm part of the "Tribe" of Martha Beck Life Coaches, which has coaches from around the world in it. I'm delighted to have a local resource of other community-minded wellness people as a member of the Madison Area Wellness Collective.