Human Nature, LLC

Katy Wallace

401 Bryce Canyon Cir
Madison, WI 53705
Phone: 608-301-9961

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Mission Statement
Address your health concerns with personal attention and food-based guidance on your path to better health.

History Of Practice
I started Human Nature in 2006 including naturopathic consultations and food-based cleansing workshops in Madison. Soon thereafter, I began offering nutrition consulting services through the Willy Street Co-op, a partnership that we maintain today. I worked for GHC Complimentary Medicine as a Naturopath and started Kundalini Yoga of Wisconsin Yoga Studio until the birth of my second daughter. Today I focus on naturopathy and nutrition consultations at the Human Nature office and Willy Street Co-op. My first career was in ecological research. I love the outdoors and enjoyed working in "the field". I published papers in peer-reviewed journals, gathered and crunched a lot of data but found I was missing something. I went back to school to complete a traditional naturopathy degree and internship. In the future, I hope to bridge wilderness studies with wellness.

Personal Statement
Helping others learn how to support the body's natural healing process through nutrition, chemistry, and the natural world is my focus.