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Sage Yoga

Kristin Sage

Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608-630-6435

Website: Sage Yoga
Social Media: Facebook
Mission Statement
SAGE YOGA - for a more refined sense of moving, breathing, and percieving

History Of Practice
I began teaching in 2003, and provide group and individual yoga instruction to the Madison community, including classes for people with limitations with mobility. I have worked with people who display a wide range of movement traits from hyper-mobility to limited mobility to athletes to the just beginning - all people trying to build a meaningful connection between mind and body. I come with a sense for the subtle and a creative lens for possibility - offering attentive and intelligent guidance to contribute to a healthier, happier community.

Personal Statement
I am a parent, a poet, and a pacifist. I love riding my bicycle, especially slow rides on the trails that lead out of the city and the commutes between my daily activities. I always have a garden that I am tending or building, and love the herbs and foods, as much as the bright flowers. I am learning to fix things and fascinated by sleek mechanics. I read often - fiction, poetry, news, philosophy - and when the muse hits I write stories, poems, and visionary fiction. As a life-long advocate for social and economic justice, I see my life work as contributing to improved to the improved quality of life for all people.

Upcoming Projects
Wellness Project Founder of Yoga for Limited Mobility