Unfurl & Laura Novak Massage

Laura Novak

715 Hill Street, Suite 270
Madison, WI 53705
Phone: 608-616-0264

Website: Unfurl & Laura Novak Massage
Mission Statement
At Unfurl we observe your patterns, posture, and alignment. We work to find the areas where your muscles are spastic and uncomfortable; contributing to overall dysfunction or pain in your body. Our therapists utilize many bodywork techniques to release tight muscles, relieving local pain and trigger points - allowing the body to unfurl. We also help clients improve posture and work to prevent pain through corrective exercise programming and yoga coaching.

History Of Practice
I began my practice in 2007 after attending my first massage school. I was drawn to uncovering modalities that helped reduce and eliminate pain, especially headaches. I studied Eastern techniques before discovering Paul St. John work and Neuromuscular Therapy. For many years my focus has been using Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy techniques to assess for pain patterns and treat pain using manual therapy. During this process I wanted to discover a way to help clients stay out of pain once they got there. I studied Kinesiology at UW Madison and completed my Corrective Exercise Specialist through NASM, I have also completed a 200-hour yoga certification. I use these trainings to help create exercise programs for clients to use at home. I recently began also providing Wellness Coaching to clients who wanted help facilitating greater change in their lives.

Personal Statement
I feel honored and grateful on a daily basis for my opportunities to work with clients to discover the sources of their pain and help reduce or eliminate it. The feeling of pain dissipating in the body frees us from so much. It is greatly rewarding to be there as people's body awareness increases and change occurs as the body opens. I will continue to find effective ways to help with pain forever, I am a lifelong learner and love that the body is a never ending subject!

Upcoming Projects
I hope to find a way to bring pain relieving massages and wellness coaching to underprivileged women in our community. I am studying Orthobionomy and hope to use this within my practice. I would love to mentor therapists who want to pursue a massage career in pain relief.