Zélandais, LLC

Liz Zélandais

3006 Waubesa Ave
Madison, WI 53711
Phone: 6083586427

Website: Zélandais, LLC
Mission Statement
I help women over the age of 40 heal and release challenging relationship patterns, navigate the dating scene, find a worthy partner, and create the loving relationship they most desire.

History Of Practice
* Certified Clinical EFT practitioner * Graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (4-year program) and Brennan Healing Science practitioner * Grief support specialist, certified by the UW-Madison * ACE-certified personal trainer * Reiki master practitioner

Personal Statement
In a culture that carefully curates narrow standards of beauty and acceptability, I help women who are over 40--with a body mass index perhaps not far behind--look into a mirror different from the one our culture is currently holding up for them, helping them heal, helping them claim their beauty, their value, and their inimitable style.

Upcoming Projects
Currently writing a book "Over 40, Overweight, & Hot to Date: The Plabook for the Best Relationship of Your Life"