Healthy Horizons Coaching LLC

Michelle Jolly

1130 Alrita Ct #5
Madison, WI 53713
Phone: 608-213-7727

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Mission Statement
My mission is to use my knowledge of health and whole food partnered with my skills of organization, planning and coaching to help hurting individuals work toward a balanced life. I will look for opportunities to transform lives and society for the better. I will strive to keep my body healthy and strong to be ready to do whatever God has planned for me.

History Of Practice
My practice has been put on hold for a couple years as I have been doing additional training and working a couple other businesses. I have been partnering with clients, individuals and families, for one on one coaching sessions for the last year plus. I am conducting group coaching programs around cleansing / detoxing on various other health / whole food / self-care related topics. This year I hope to focus my coaching in the area of family health. I see too many families living on the go because of kids sports and school activities and not taking time to eat healthy meals at home. This goes the same for busy business people. I hope to reach these markets in the next year, creating another group program to reach more people.

Personal Statement
Personally I enjoy being in nature, bike riding, walking around town, and enjoying all that Madison has to offer from great restaurants to fun summer concerts and other activities. Part time I manage an apartment complex that my family owns on the South side of Madison. I grew up in the family rental business and feel it’s a way I can offer a healthy living environment for a few of Madison’s residents.

Upcoming Projects
Since my practice is so new I will need to work on building my client base and making connections. In the next few years I would love to create a fundraising event that focuses on healthy living and promoting achieving optimal health naturally / prevention side of health instead of the “disease care” side of the health industry. My dream is to be a part of creating a totally gluten free and clean eating deli / restaurant for downtown residents so they don’t have to dread going out to eat and not having many choices on the menu.

Other Groups and Organizations
I hope to partner with other natural healing practitioners in the Madison area with a similar focus. I am part of a coaching collective and partner with Katy Wallace for food-based cleanse programs.