Healthy Horizons Coaching LLC

Michelle Jolly

1130 Alrita Ct #5
Madison, WI 53713

Phone: 608-213-7727

Website: Healthy Horizons Coaching LLC
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Mission Statement
My mission is to use my knowledge of health and whole food partnered with my skills of organization, planning and coaching to help hurting individuals work toward a balanced life. I will look for opportunities to transform lives and society for the better. I will strive to keep my body healthy and strong to be ready to do whatever God has planned for me.

History Of Practice
My practice is newly blossoming into what I hope is a vibrant health coaching business, whatever form that takes. I have been partnering with clients for one on one coaching session for the last year plus. I am conducting group coaching programs around cleansing / detoxing on various other health / whole food / self-care related topics. I am attending training for a new tool to add to my practice to help clients catch signs of stress in their bodies before it gets to the chronic disease stage.

Personal Statement
Personally I enjoy being in nature, bike riding, walking around town, and enjoying all that Madison has to offer from great restaurants to fun summer concerts and other activities. Part time I manage an apartment complex that my family owns on the South side of Madison. I grew up in the family rental business and feel it’s a way I can offer a healthy living environment for a few of Madison’s residents.

Upcoming Projects
Since my practice is so new I will need to work on building my client base and making connections. In the next few years I would love to create a fundraising event that focuses on healthy living and promoting achieving optimal health naturally / prevention side of health instead of the “disease care” side of the health industry. My dream is to be a part of creating a totally gluten free and clean eating deli / restaurant for downtown residents so they don’t have to dread going out to eat and not having many choices on the menu.

Other Groups and Organizations
I hope to partner with other natural healing practitioners in the Madison area with a similar focus. I am part of a coaching collective and partner with Katy Wallace for cleanse programs.