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Mimi Mays

Madison, WI 53704-4632
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Mission Statement
"Spreading empowerment to learn from our past, live in the present and become the solution. Our vision is a world full of healed people, healing others and so we vow to lead by example."

History Of Practice
Though our background in the medical field is extensive, we do not operate as a licensed medical facility but rather holistic health guides. A simplistic way to put what we do is to describe it as 'cheap therapy'! We've done this work for many years, it's only just now a recognized profession so we're honored to hold space in which we offer hope, support and a sense of community.

Personal Statement
Peace&Love© is a wellness coaching practice but it is also a way of life. We're seasoned students of life alongside you and believe in the power of healing, though it is a very different process for each of us -- it all begins in one's mind. We cordially invite you to dig a little deeper, remain curious as to what all of this is about and follow up on an inquiry as we venture forward ~ Namaste.

Upcoming Projects
TabU© Podcast Radio "Where we care about, speak and chase after the truth."

Other Groups and Organizations
Keepin' Our Heads Up [K.O.H.U]© A not-for-profit advocacy/support group network.