Mindful Motion Physical Therapy

Nathan Dufault

305 S. Livingston St.
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608-250-1775

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Mission Statement
To offer affordable one-on-one physical therapy in a relaxed and healing environment. On the rehab side we really want to involve the patient into taking responsibility for their own well-being and recovery. We give them the tools and guidance, but also ask them to make a commitment to have carry-over from the clinic to their personal lives. Our rehab philosophy focuses on a combination of manual therapy techniques along with exercise instruction and movement modifications.  On the customer service side, we try to avoid common insurance and billing frustrations.  We are their advocate as we help them understand their insurance benefits including necessary authorizations, visit limits, financial responsibilities, etc.  All scheduling, insurance verification and billing is done by Nate, so there is a common voice.  As cliche as this is, we treat people the way we want to be treated.  

History Of Practice
Opened in March 2012 on the Near East Side of Madison. Jessica has been a physical therapist since 2006.  Nathan has been an athletic trainer since 2003.  We both had visions of one day owning our own rehabilitation practice.  In 2012 we made the leap into private practice.  Almost 4 years later, we are still very happy we made the decision. It hasn't been without its difficulties, but it has been extremely rewarding in a lot of ways.  We look forward to providing physical therapy services for years to come.

Personal Statement
Nathan enjoys traveling, volunteering, running, the Pacific Northwest and being a Dad!

Upcoming Projects
None at this time.

Other Groups and Organizations
–Badger Barter, –Bicycle Benefits