Provider Namesort descending Business Name Zipcode Practice Types
Allison Becker Dr Allison Becker 53536 Naturopathic Medicine, acupuncture
Alyssa Tesar Alyssa Clare - Holistic Wellness Mentor 53715 Holistic, wellness coaching, health coaching, mentoring, self care
Andrea Keapproth Resolution Therapeutic Massage 53703 Massage Therapy, craniosacral, Structural Integration, reiki, Cupping, Guasha
Andrea Short Andrea Short Wellness 53593 Maternity Nutrition & Wellness Specialist, Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist
Anne Jelinek PULSE Kettlebells and Yoga 53562 personal training
Annie Bachmann Tao Shiatsu Therapy 53704 tao shiatsu, buddhist chanting, Art of Conflict Transformation
Autumn Bonner Mindful Motion Physical Therapy 53715 physical therapy, yoga therapy, group classes
Becca Goldman 53726 Thai Bodywork, herbal compress
Brian Rock Hancock Hippocratic Health & Fitness 53716 personal training, sports performance, Human movement, health coaching
Charlotte Easterling Creative Vixen Design 53704 marketing, graphic design
Christine Koth MPT Wellness Physical Therapy 53711 physical therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, laser therapy, Myofascial Release
Christine Milovani Healing & Balance LLC 53572 Integrative Counseling, coaching, reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, Mindfulness, Relationships, consulting, Workshops, Retreats, Education, Communication Skills, Whole Health, Integrative Health, wellness, Transformational, strength-based, experiential, self-discovery
Christopher Hammes Hammes Family Chiropractic 53593 Chiropractic
Clare Norelle Greenroot Yoga LLC 53704 Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), trauma-informed yoga, yin yoga, yoga for elders, gentle hatha yoga, yoga suave (gentle yoga in Spanish), family yoga & dance, Yoga Music & Movement (YoMM) sessions for kids
Colleen M. Hath... Innergy, LLC 53705 Chiropractic, craniosacral, reiki, gentle, children, wellness
Curtis Ryals Madison Hypnosis Center 53716 Hypnotherapy, meditation, guided meditation, ethics
Daren Pagenkopf Image 53562 Massage Therapy
David Lippi-Guerron Sport & Spine Physical Therapy 53704 physical therapy, Dizziness, Sports Medicine
Denise Cusack Wholly Rooted LLC 53593 aromatherapy, aromatherapist, certified aromatherapist, herbalism, herbal, aromatherapy consultation, custom product development, custom blends for those with allergies
Dr. Laura Konopacki Body Wave Chiropractic Wellness Center 53711 Chiropractor
Efrat Livny Open Circle Studio/Threshold 53704 bodywork
Eileen Schutte Unique Nutrition Solutions, LLC 53532 Alternative Nutritionist, Genetics, Nutrtrigenomics, Functional Nutritionist, Metabolic Coach, Weight Loss
Elaine Rosenberg Elaine Rosenberg, LMFT 53711 Psychotherapy/Counseling
Ellen Barnard A Woman's Touch Sexuality Resource Center 53703 sexual health counseling, sexuality education, sexual health resources
Erika Anderson Erika Anderson 53714 acupuncture, Chinese Herbalism, pain-relief
Heather Hartwig... Waunakee Physical Therapy 53597 private practice, physical therapy, visceral manipulation
Heidi Aschenbrenner Renu Massage, Energy & Bodywork 53719 Certified Cupping Therapist, Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
Jamie Pekarek Krohn Therapy Space, LLC 53715 Psychotherapy
Jed Downs aka J... Madison Manual Medicine 53711 Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy/Osteopathic Manual Medicine
Jennifer Pulver... Dristhi Yoga 53711 yoga therapy, Mindfulness, Speaker, Wellness coach
Jody Alexander Alexander Bodyworks 53711 Yoga classes and Privates for all populations, massage therapist, Zero Balancing Provider, TRE Provider
Kara Donovan-Guido Lighthouse Healing Massage Therapy, LLC 53719 Massage Therapy/Infant Massage Instruction/Shamanic Healing
Karen Radtke Integral Health Solutions, owned by Karen Radtke, MSN, APNP 53719 health coaching, integrated health consulting
Kate Behrens 53714 acupuncture, Chinese Medicine
Kate Seal The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth 53711 Natural Childbirth, Unmedicated Childbirth, Husband-Coached Childbirth, Relaxation
Kathryn Coppola Madison Acupuncture & Natural Health 53704 acupuncture & herbal formulas
Kelly Garrigan Kelly Garrigan Coaching 53719 Life Coaching, yoga, reiki, meditation, Essential Oils and Nutrition
Kristen Radtke ... Clear Path Counseling and Wellness 53719 Psychotherapy, meditation, Mindfulness, counseling, Eating Disorders, trauma, Movement-based therapy
Kristin Sage –Sage Yoga yoga, meditation, Yoga for Limited Mobility, healthy mind-body connections
Laura Flanagan Flanayoga 53716 yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling, meditation
Lisa Tennant ReLeaf Bodywork Therapy 53705 Acupressure, Craniosacral and Neurovascular Integration Therapy, Zero Balancing
Lynn Catlin PhD The Mat, Cushion and Couch, LLC 53711 psychology/psychotherapy
Lynn Peyton Lynn Peyton, LCSW, LLC 53719 Psychotherapy
Mare Chapman Lives Unlimited 53705 Psychotherapy, meditation
Michelle Jolly Healthy Horizons Coaching LLC 53703 health coaching, self-care, healthy eating, cleansing, detoxing, clean eating
Naomi Elizabeth... Healing Tree Massage & Wellness 53536 Massage, reiki, aromatherapy, Polarity Therapy
Nathan Dufault Mindful Motion Physical Therapy 53703 physical therapy, athletic training
Raka Bandyo 53714 dance, ayurveda, meditation, cooking, Health Coach, herbal medicine, Nutrition Counseling, movement, breath
Rebecca Massmann Rebecca Massmann 53714 Massage Therapy, meditation, mind-body skills
Robb Seal Premier Bodywork Therapeutic Massage & Movement 53705 Therapeutic Massage, Manual Therapy
Sabrina Bodden NūNa Wellness 53703 alignment yoga, Desire Map Coaching, aromatherapy, essential oils, yoga, pain relief & management, yoga therapy
Samantha Zawistowski massage therapist
Sara Ifert Go Simple Wellness 53717 Health Coach, health coaching, Wellness coach
Sarah Barasch Linden Blossom Ayurveda & Wellness ayurveda, cleansing, Food as Medicine, doshas, nutrition, herbs, yoga, meditation, food plan, meal plan, lifestyle recommendations, dinacharya, Ayurveda practitoner, Ayurveda Health Counselor, Ayurvedic, Panchakarma, Pinda, Udvartana, Shirodhara, Abhyanga
Sarah Lochner o... EAS-Z MEDICAL TRANSPORT 53901 non-medical, transportation, accessibility
Sasha Lasdon Integrated Eros 53711 somatic sex education, sex coaching, sex education, trauma, genital health, erotic embodiment, somatics, scar remediation, sexological bodywork
Sharon Barbour Sharon Barbour Coaching 53711 coaching, Life Coaching, wellness coaching, habit change, group, group coaching, behavior change, feel better, weight
Susan Frikken Yahara Therapy 53704 physical therapy
Tammy Sytsma Circle of Stones Wellness, LLC 53703 Mental Health, counseling, yoga for good mental health, meditation, anxiety, depression
Terri Mohr AromaMohr Essential Oils and Reiki LLC 53594 reiki, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist
Xochi John Alexander Technique Teacher 53704 Alexander Technique Teacher