Raka Bandyo

1113 Menomonie Ln
Madison, WI 53714
Phone: 9896002376

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Mission Statement
Help unravel the karma that unbalances individuals, communities, and the world through teaching self nourishing of bodies with food, lifestyle, diet, movement, and meditation practices. Create situations of safety, diversity, and greater understanding of our connection as beings. Increase joy and understanding of suffering and enlightenment.

History Of Practice
Raka Bandyo was born and raised in an Hindu Brahman family in Michigan. She has always been enchanted by ceremony and the hymns sung in praise of God and the mystical powers of the universe. Raka loves art and to dabble in many different medias of expression as forms of healing and growth. She has studied classical Indian dance for over 30 years, Mechanical Engineering and Solid Mechanics to a post graduate level at Michigan Technological University, and the Indian Holistic Medical Science Ayurveda. She works part time supporting hospital medical databases, as a musician, a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, reader of tarot, dancer and dance teacher, educator, and artist. She is currently also studying to be Jyotish Vedic Astrologer.

Personal Statement
I love this world and hope to help others unlock the mysteries of the universe that we share together.

Upcoming Projects
Indian holistic health science classes and individual client evaluations, classical indian dance instruction and performance, henna arts, understanding plants, mudras for dance and healing, pranayama breath practice, qigong, planetary influence on weather and people, food as medicine, art as expression

Other Groups and Organizations
Euphoria Movement Arts, Perfect Knot Yoga Studio, Cycropia Aeral Dance, Blue Tree Network, Bhakti Fest, NAMA