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Mind Body Connection

Rebecca Wigg-Ninham

5308 Severn Way
Madison, WI 53714
Phone: 920-360-0452

Website: Mind Body Connection
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Mission Statement
To promote Health and Well-Being through Embodied Self-Awareness.

History Of Practice
Rebecca has been working with the mind for over 30 years and began studying the body brain connection 13 years ago through somatic healing using Rosen Method. She is a Rosen Method Movement Teacher and Bodywork Intern.

Personal Statement
I am committed helping you with your health and wellness. I have been working my wellness plan for many years and would like to teach you how to listen to your body without judgement and develop Embodied Self-Awareness.

Upcoming Projects
Rebecca is always researching the latest information on Neurobiology, Central Nervous System, Embodied Self-Awareness, Positive Psychology, Adverse Childhood Experience Study, Resiliency, Trauma, Emotional Anatomy, The Polyvagal Theory, Oxytocin, Brain Heart Connection, Executive Functioning, Muscle Tension, Energy, Somatic - Body Centered Healing, Sensory Awareness, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Rosen Method, Hope, Meaning, Purpose and Belonging. She is currently writing an article for submission to the Rosen Method Institute Journal. Rebecca recently presented at the Wisconsin Family Based Conference in the Dells on "ACES to Resiliency through Embodied Self-Awareness."

Other Groups and Organizations
Rosen Method Southwest, Rosen Method Institute Canada, Rosen Method-Heartland