Premier Bodywork Therapeutic Massage & Movement

Robb Seal

715 Hill St. Suite 122
Madison, WI 53705
Phone: 608-285-2124

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Mission Statement
At Premier Bodywork, we are dedicated to continually learning and excelling at our craft, so that we can be the best practitioners of therapeutic bodywork, supporters of personal growth and achievement, and overall resource for general wellness in the community of Madison, Wisconsin. At Premier Bodywork, our core purpose is to provide a platform of support for overall wellness and personal growth. We specialize in clearly identifying and treating somatic and musculoskeletal dysfunctions, soft tissue limitations & injuries. Using therapeutic bodywork techniques, mindfulness and movement principles, and an extensive background in holistic approaches and energy philosophies, we assist clients to become more aware of their bodies, thereby improving mobility and function, increasing strength, and minimizing discomfort or pain.

History Of Practice
Lifelong physical fitness pursuits & athletic participation/competition (baseball, basketball, running, golf), healing artist (prayer mandalas & intentional designs) since 1997, tai-chi/qigong practitioner & teacher since 1998, ordained holistic healing & interfaith minister 1999, Hanna Kroeger's School of Natural Healing 1999-2001 (pendulum dowsing, aura readings, energy work, herbal & homeopathic recommendations, BioGenesis treatment tools), Boulder College of Massage Therapy 2003-2004, Private Practice 2001-present.

Personal Statement
I live in Madison, with my wife and 2 young kids. As a family, we like to spend time outdoors, enjoy music and art, other creative pursuits, athletics, and group activities. We also like to travel and spend time with extended family.

Upcoming Projects
Lots of stuff in the coming years. Not ready to talk about it all just yet...

Other Groups and Organizations
–American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), –Dane Buy Local, Business Networking International, James Madison Memorial Spartans High School Athletics