NūNa Wellness

Sabrina Bodden

Madison, WI 53703
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Mission Statement
To help people discover their power of being able to care for and support the natural well being of their bodies, minds and souls. To support people on their personal journey, without judgement, while holding space for their own self-directed unfolding.

History Of Practice
In 2008, I become a Birth Doula through Amy Gilliland's DONA Certified Doula Workshop (http://doulaworkshop.com/). In 2009, I began the 680-hour Therapeutic Massage Program at Madison College, which I graduated with High Honors from in 2010. In early 2011, I became a Licensed Massage Therapist and began practicing in a chiropractic office and yoga studio before branching off and starting my own practice in 2012. In April of 2011, I also began training with Alignment Yoga, and in May of 2012, I became a Certified Yoga Teacher through their 200-hr program. In November of 2014, I trained with Shana Meyerson to become certified to teach Kid's Yoga. In January of 2015, I became a Licensed Desire Map Coach through Danielle LaPorte. In August of 2015, I became a Certified PoundPro Fitness Trainer through Pound Fitness. My current aspirations & work include working toward Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy, and someday studying Cranial Sacral Therapy and Acupuncture.

Personal Statement
I am an artist, a decadent food fanatic, a dog-lover, a singer of silver linings and synchronicities, and a sucker for bacon and spicy food.

Upcoming Projects
1) FibroYoga - Yoga for People Living with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain & Hypersensitivity, 6-8 week program for participants + 50-100 hour teacher training. 2) NūNa Care - A non-profit cause that would raise money for people who are disabled and unable to work to help them afford holistic health care and wellness programs that could make an enormous impact on their quality of life and ability to be active in the world. (such as private practice physical therapy, massage, reiki, acupuncture, counseling, support groups, fitness groups, educational programs, literature, gym memberships, etc)