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NutriHealth Inc

Sherry Belcher

Madison, WI 53704
Phone: 312.501.5580

Website: NutriHealth Inc
Mission Statement
Have you noticed there is so much health information out there but where is the blueprint specific to YOU and your health problems and goals? With each stage of our lives our health needs and goals change. I want to give people a greater awareness of their body, its function and how to keep it healthy by tuning into what it needs for optimal health.

History Of Practice
Recently I have relocated to Madison from Chicago. I have been in practice for over 25 years doing individual consultations, lecture, workshops and executive and company wellness programs and cooking classes. I have worked in multi disciplinary clinics and have a well rounded understanding of other healing modalities including studying Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic principles. I offer highly focused and in depth whole body approach to wellness. I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition and undergraduate degrees in Dental Hygiene and Health Care Management. I have done lectures and workshops at Red Mountain Resort and Green Valley Spa.

Personal Statement
I believe the body and symptoms tell a story, during the history taking I listen to the story the body wants to tell. I take a big picture view of your health and life by looking at patterns, food choice, habits, lifestyle, cravings and stress resilience. We then identify and remove obstacles to bring the body back to health from the core of what is going on, not just to achieve weight loss or symptom relief. I have been dubbed the 'body whisperer' by patients. My mission is to inspire, educate,coach and mentor you to feel healthy and vibrant and I consider it an honor and privilege to be able to provide that service for people.

Upcoming Projects
Author of Simply Good Cookbook series. Co-author of 10 Days to a New You. Co-host of the cable TV series For Your Own Good. Consultant for book Real Moms Love to Eat Mid-Life Wellness Reboot Resort Workshops