New Life Physical Therapy

Sydney Mikulas

Portage , WI
Website: New Life Physical Therapy
Mission Statement
Provide excellent skilled physical therapy to treat the whole person, improve body movement, meet wellness goals, and promote functional living and continued engagement in health.

History Of Practice
Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2016. I provide a practice that addresses the whole body to allow patients to further engage in their health through the use of postural and movement assessments, manual therapy techniques, individualized education and home exercise prescription. I have a passion for promoting better motion and decreasing pain so clients can fully participate in the lives they lead. I try to identify the root cause of an injury and address strength and weakness imbalances that lead to faulty movement patterns, injury, or chronic pain. I want to help you engage with your body’s kinetic matrix so you can live life to its fullest. I specialize in manual techniques including myofascial release, therapeutic cupping, and neuromuscular facilitation.