Soul Full Sanctuary Retreat Space

Tania Richley

7792 Schurch Road
Barneveld, WI 53507
Phone: 608-213-3970

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Mission Statement
~ HEALING & WELL-BEING THROUGH THE ART OF NATURE ~ Soul Full Sanctuary is a private, 10-acre healing environment, located in the beautiful Driftless region of southwest Wisconsin - characterized by rolling hills, ridge-top views, limestone outcroppings and scenic farmland. Our mission is to: * Offer a safe place where you can connect with nature and focus on rest and healing of your body, mind and spirit. * Create a peaceful environment where you can slow down and be fully present in the moment, without distractions and interruptions. * Provide a space and resources that invite self-reflection, inner awareness, and creative expression.

History Of Practice
The Soul Full Sanctuary retreat space in Barneveld, WI, opened it's doors in March 2017 - a culmination of many years of searching for the right "container" and natural setting to house a safe, peaceful, healing environment. The setting combines the wide open spaces and fresh air of the country, with the warmth & comfort of a "home away from home". It allows for "getting away from it all", but is accessible with a 30-minute drive from the west side of Madison. One year later, our wellness offerings include individual soul-care retreats, small group wellness retreats and facility rental to wellness practitioners. Our unique, healing environment invites individuals to slow down, connect with nature, quiet the noise and turn towards their own inner healing wisdom.

Personal Statement
In 2004, I began my own road to recovery from childhood abuse and trauma, learning to heal and manage my depression and post-traumatic stress. My direct experience of the deeply healing power of nature, especially when combined with a creative pursuit (in my case, nature photography), led me to a deep desire to help others looking for healing and personal growth. It became my mission to create a safe and peaceful healing environment in nature that I could share with others. The Soul Full Sanctuary retreat space embodies the light that has persisted and grown from the most difficult parts of my life experience. It is an offering from my heart, and I feel blessed to be able to share it.

Upcoming Projects
I am very passionate about the Personal Soul-Care retreats offered at the retreat space - a chance for individuals to take retreat time just for themselves and their own self-care, or to share that deeply-healing experience with a loved one. They are able to enjoy the private 10-acre healing environment all to themselves, unplug, slow down, decompress in the peace and quiet of nature, rest deeply, tap into their creativity and reconnect with themselves. I'd love to see personal retreat time become something that people choose to enjoy more frequently :-) My hope is to continue to grow the variety of wellness retreats offered here, with a nature connection. We have hosted several writing and yoga retreats, a coaching retreat, a yoga & expressive arts retreat and have a sound bath retreat coming up soon. I'd love to add more healing modalities - dance, music, healing movement, expressive arts, meditation, community building, trauma-sensitive therapies.