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Terri Mohr

485 Jefferson Street
Waterloo, WI 53594
Phone: 920-220-1642

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Mission Statement
I see so many people that are just plugging along and muddling through their lives. They are intelligent, capable, and functional individuals in their day to day lives, but experience physical, emotional, and behavioral factors that interfere with living a full and joy-filled life. The long term results of reacting to stress show up in many forms, headaches, muscle aches and pains, frequent colds and flu, digestive issues, anxiety, insomnia, and the list goes on. I am passionate about doing the work I am doing because I see the power we have within to live the life we are meant to live and let go of the uncomfortable symptoms when we are fully aligned with our purpose and feel a greater connection to all there is.

History Of Practice
I have worked as an RN since 1987 in varied settings. I became more intrigued and involved with alternative means to regain and maintain wellness after experiencing a life threatening disease. I began working in a wellness center working to achieve a Traditional Naturopathy certification. I was introduced to Reiki in 2006 and worked through the levels to Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. I have been providing care as a nurse and complementary therapist to patients (and staff) at Rainbow Hospice Care since 2008. I started AromaMohr in May 2016 to reach individuals before end of life, teaching classes, workshops, speaking, and formulating individualized aromatherapy blends

Personal Statement
Live from a place of love

Upcoming Projects
I hope to reach and teach more people Reiki with the goal of helping people connect to their inner peace creating a more peaceful existence for all. I hope to connect with like minded individuals and change the paradigm of healthcare in our community and in our country.

Other Groups and Organizations
Thrive Academy