9-month online compassion project, with optional local support community

9-month online compassion project, with optional local support community

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“We care for the people who care for others. By teaching the practical application of 3 Doors meditation methods for everyday lives, we help these people to better serve their patients, students, and clients. Each Compassion Project participant has the potential to positively transform the lives of the hundreds of people who depend them for health, education, and wellbeing.” Marcy Vaughn, program co-founder

The 3 Doors LIVE Online Compassion Project is a 9-month exploration into how meditation can support personal transformation and the emergence of positive qualities that empower the capacity to serve others. We examine the obstacles to compassion and the importance of self-compassion. Building on basic mindfulness, we will apply ancient Tibetan meditation practices of body, speech, and mind to our everyday lives. The 3 Doors practices have their roots in the Dzogchen tradition of Bon Buddhism, and are taught in a way that is accessible and relevant for modern life.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Health care professionals, educators, therapists, caregivers, or anyone who is motivated by compassion.

Details at https://the3doors.org/programs/9-month-live-online-compassion-project/
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