CBD Oil & Restorative Yoga Workshop

CBD Oil & Restorative Yoga Workshop

SPACE of Madison

6333 Odana Road Ste. 1
Madison , WI

Laura Flanagan, MS, RYT, YBR
Organizer of CBD Oil and Restorative Yoga Workshop

This workshop will teach you the benefits of CBD oil and you will have an oppotunity to
sample the oil prior to a restorative yoga practice. You are not obligated to try, nor buy the
CBD oil. The objective of this workshop is provide deep, restoration of the
parasympathetic nervous system. Only when the autonomic nervous system is in balance
can deep healing of both the physical and emotional body take place. This workshop
1. Education on CBD oil as well as possibility to sample
2. Deep restorative Yoga practice
3. Tuning forks will be used to bring the Chakras into balance

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Cost is $35.00 -$70.00

Posted by: Eileen Schutte