Community Wellness Fair! It's an Experience, Not an Expo!

Community Wellness Fair! It's an Experience, Not an Expo!

Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center

953 Jenifer St.
Madison, WI 53703

Join the Madison Area Wellness Collective (MAWC), UW-ADEPT, the Dane County Timebank (DCTB) and NPO UNI at our Community Wellness Fair -- It's An Experience, Not An Expo!

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Wellness is more than just good body health. It is also feeling comfortable, happy, peaceful, supported and safe. It can mean making the most of your whole self:
" Your Body, Moving and at Rest
" Your Emotions and Thoughts
" Your Food and Nutrition
" Your Family, Friends & Community
" Your Peace and Spirit
" Your Laughter and Playfulness
" Your Home and Environment

Come sample and play with us and try some ways to be well! Some may be new to you!
Learn! Ask!

It's Free and Family - Friendly!
There is something for everyone to try.

" Join in movement activities! Tai chi, yoga, dance, walks, posture, exercise, and more!
" Enjoy healthy snacks and refreshments and learn from nutrition experts!
" Learn new things about your health and how to find help! Nature, stress management, meditation, arthritis, non-violent communication, and more!

American Sign Language interpretation is available.

Wil-Mar is an accessible space.

Tai Chi
Gokhale Method
Muscle Activation Techniques and MatRX
Korean Energy Yoga
Wellness for Seniors
Yamuna Body Rolling
Yoga for a Healthy Mind
The Alexander Technique
Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Growing Healthy Families
Purposeful Walking
Natural Solutions for Leaky Gut
Science of Willpower
Play and Wellness
Permaculture for Wellness
Yoga Therapy
Women’s Pelvic Health
Healthy Pregnancy and Birth
Stress Management

Back Pain
Nonviolent Communication
Concussion Awareness
Connecting to Community Health Services

Thai Massage
Chair massage
Energy Work
Network Chiropractic
Muscle Activation Techniques(TM)

MAWC: Wellness professionals committed to changing the face of health care by facilitating connections
UW - ADEPT: Advancing Diversity and Excellence in Physical Therapy
NPO UNI - to assist individuals in experiencing their inherent compassion, natural generosity, and unity with all of life; to promote health and well-being through educational and spiritual development classes and activities; and to support individuals and communities of people in need locally and internationally.
DCTB - a network of individuals and organizations in Dane County working to increase efficiency, opportunity and resource sharing through mutually beneficial exchange -- building community ties and community self-sufficiency.

Posted by: Susan Frikken