Desiree Rumbaugh Weekend Workshop

Evansville Mindfulness Coop

7 E. Main St., Suite 1
Evansville, WI 53536

Desiree Rumbaugh, world-renowned master yoga instructor, originator of Wisdom Warriors™, and author of "Fearless After Fifty: How to Thrive With Grace, Grit and Yoga," will offer a weekend workshop appropriate for ALL LEVELS of yoga practitioners.
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Friday, Sept. 8 • 6-8:30pm | Hip Openers, Pranayama & Meditation
You’ll be introduced to the actions that heal and strengthen your body, especially your back and hips. This work will be continued and further explained throughout the weekend. Between Friday and Sunday your body, mind and heart will begin a process of transformation.

Saturday, Sept. 9 • 10am-12:30pm | Backbends
Learn how to support your entire spine and then create freedom through extension. Whether you are stiff or flexible, these teachings will help you improve your practice. You will feel taller and have more energy, and your back will thank you for coming.

Saturday, Sept. 9 • 2:30-5pm | Forward Bends & Twists
Rejuvenate your entire body and release stuck energy with these poses. Even if you have very stiff hamstrings, you will notice the difference these poses make and you will leave this class with a spring in your step.

Sunday, Sept. 10 • 10am-12:30pm | Arm Balances & Inversions
Here’s a little known secret: these poses, while challenging, are actually the antidote for text neck syndrome. Experience the lifelong benefits from upper body strength gained by practicing safely. You’ll learn step by step how to increase your power and carry your own body weight.

$55 per session or $200 for the full weekend workshop

$65 per session or $240 for the full weekend workshop

Posted by: Peggy Frain