Functional Medicine Meet Up- Practice Building and Networking

Functional Medicine Meet Up- Practice Building and Networking

Deco Community Room

8310 Globe Drive
Madison, WI 53717

What could you do with more time with your patients?

What could you do if your patients had a foundtaional understanding to their chornic symptoms or disease?

How would this effect patient outcomes and patient satisfaction?

In this functional meet-up we will learn about a strategy, accepted in cash based and insurance based models, that will help you Maximixe Your Time with Your Patients, give your patients a sense of community and tribe, find support, and gain a foundtaional understanding.
With insurance reimbursements shrinking and pressure to see more patients rising, it is challenging to have the in-depth conversations that impart important, lifestyle medicine principles to patients. Group Visits are an innovative model, hailed by Time Magazine and used by leading medical organizations such as The Cleveland Clinic and Kaiser Permanente, to improve outcomes. Group Visits provide doctors valuable teaching opportunities and give patients the extended doctor interaction they need.
Learn about insurance accepted, patient consultation group visits that can increase patient compliance and satisfaction.

We will unpack tools that will work for any office; help increase compliance and patient satisfaction; and help your patients become students and learn the right ways to heal themselves.

Presenter: Amanda Kuehn from OMPI and Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center; Business Consultant for Functional Medicine Practitioners

Date: 2/19/19

Time: 6:30-9:30


6:30-7:30: Arrive/Mingle/Networking

7:30-8:30: Group Visit on Advanced Prevention of CVD; tools and education for patients and physicians; nutraceutical intervention for Intestinal Permeability

8:30-9:30- Q&A, continued Networking

Posted by: Amanda Kuehn