How To Build Rapport Quickly

Urban League of Greater Madison

2222 S. Park St., Ste #200
Madison , WI 53713

Rapport is built on respect, trust and honestly. Seem simple, right? Yet so many people struggle with building rapport because they do not understand these three important concepts. We will explore how the little things you do remove respect, trust and honesty and you will learn how to incorporate a few actions that will build rapport quickly.

Time: 6:00-7:30pm
Location: Urban League of Greater Madison 2222 S. Park St. Suite #200
Room: 2nd floor room 227
Fee: $35 for non-members, call Dolores 608-221-2775 for information about membership pricing
How To Register:
1. Email or call 608-221-2775
2. Provide name, phone number and organization name.
3. Indicate which workshops you want to sign up for.
4. Indicate if you will pay with CASH, CHECK or CREDIT CARD. (payment is not due until the night of the workshop)

Posted by: Eileen Schutte