January Jumpstart Program 2018

January Jumpstart Program 2018

Healthy Horizons Coaching

1130 Alrita Ct #5
Madison, WI 53713

Do you write New Years goals / resolutions? or maybe creating a vision board is more your style? Whichever it is, we will create them. Then we will figure out how to achieve them for real this year.

If you want more energy, better sleep, or to eat healthier this year, you can choose to start out the New Year with a clean eating challenge. Customizable to your health goals and meeting you where you are in your health journey. We are all in different places, from eating out or from a box every meal to preparing healthy meals at home and bringing lunch to work.

Maybe you need new recipes, cooking lessons, easy snacks, hints to eat healthy on a budget, etc. We will customize the program to whatever you need. I will have a 12-day menu plan you can use all or part of to get you started. I’ll also have some healthier options for snacks and treats if that is where you want to start. Maybe you want some tips and tools to get deeper cleansing. I have that too!

We will also touch on other areas to help you feel fulfilled in ALL areas of your life depending on your goals, for example:
physical activity
personal growth
career evaluation
financial tips
feeling more joy in your life.

We will look at all areas of your life and depending on the group’s goals and talk about whatever you need.

The group setting with weekly meetings will help keep you accountable and motivated to stay on track. I’ll also be available between classes for support through email and a closed Facebook group for the class.

Fee: $257 includes 4 weekly classes, 12-menu plan, samples, materials, tools and one supplement of choice.

Call or email Michelle at 608-213-7727 or michelle@healthyhorizonsllc.com

Posted by: Michelle Jolly