Roll and Release Yoga for Good Mental Health

Circle of Stones Wellness, LLC

301 S. Bedford St Ste. 216
Madison, WI 53703

This group is meant to teach the skills that create a good relationship between the brain and the body. It is a very gentle practice utilizing breath, meditation/mindfulness, awareness, thinking exercises, and relaxation to teach the skills research has proven to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, PTSD, and change habits of mind and body.
Sessions are 60 minutes and will focus on a specific intention for improving mental health through yoga poses and skills taught. This is not a fitness-type physical practice. It is a Yin focus and uses the foam roller and other tools for release of emotional and physical pain.

Single session ($20) OR use a session pass (6 sessions for $100). I can also bill to some insurances, if you have a mental health referral or are a client of mine. Please contact me to register.

Posted by: Tammy Sytsma