SOCIAL - ALL WELCOME: Anatomy Nerd Nite

SOCIAL - ALL WELCOME: Anatomy Nerd Nite

Bos Meadery

849 East Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53703

Hello, friends!

Sasha Lasdon and I would like to WARMLY welcome you to join us for a MAWC Social Event!
Anatomy Nerd Nite!

RSVP: Email with YEAs ONLY and # (number, not hashtag, but if you have one of those, share it, too!)
Just so we know if we need to adjust our space requirements!

WHEN: Tuesday 11 December, 5:30 – 7:30p (drop in for a bit, stay for all, whatever). They are open until 10pm for lingerers…
*WHERE: Bos Meadery, 849 East Washington Ave., Madison, WI
**WHAT: Swim around in Anatomy nerdiness! Share, learn, whatever! Socialization with a bent toward the structural.
WHY: Umm…Anatomy! Also, socializing, community, connecting, food, beverages, etc!
WHO: MAWC-ers and anyone else who wishes to come. Open!
BRING: books, sites, props, models, gadgets, ideas, making supplies, performances, yourselves…

*Bos Meadery has agreed to hold two of their coveted tables on their Games Night for us so we can geek out on anatomy!
Check them out. They have a lot going on!

**We highly encourage those of the physiological, functional, behavioral, and other persuasions to come, too!

We are hoping to see you there!
Susan, on behalf of Sasha and me!

Image: OpenStax College [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Posted by: Susan Frikken