Stepping On: Falls Prevention Class

Stepping On: Falls Prevention Class

Monona Senior Center

1011 Nichols Rd.
Monona, WI 53716

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Stepping On classes meet once per week for seven weeks, two hours per week, with a reunion class three months later. The class is led by a team of health care providers who work with you and your classmates to improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling by reviewing your medications, providing a vision screening, teaching strength and balance exercises, and offering help to improve your safety at home.

Members of the group support each other’s efforts to take action to prevent falls. Older adults who may have balance problems or fear of falling are the best fit for this class. According to studies, people who complete Stepping On classes see a 35% reduction in falls. The Stepping On course costs an average of $35 in Dane County for the seven week session and includes the reunion class.

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Contact Stepping On Instructor, Susan Frikken, for more detaills:

Posted by: Susan Frikken