Trembling Open: a grief ritual that moves your body and honors your sexuality

November 1, 2019 - 1:30pm to November 3, 2019 - 12:30pm

Trembling Open: a grief ritual that moves your body and honors your sexuality

Badger Farms

1682 Co Rd Bb Deerfield, WI 53531
Deerfield, WI 53531

A Grief Ritual that Moves your Body & Honors your Sexuality

Fri, Nov 1, 7:00 - 9:00 pm*
Sat, Nov 2, 1:30 - 6:30 pm
Sun, Nov 3, 1:30 - 6:30 pm


Watch Q&A video about this work:

WHAT: a group ritual of movement, song, and devotion

WHY: to heal, to open our hearts, to free up energy so we love and live our purpose well


* There’s something heavy in your heart. You want to lighten the weight of how you feel when you think about about life and being a part of our society today.

* You long to connect with something bigger... with spirit and with community.

* There are things in life that are really important to you and you’re not doing them because you experience despair often and you’re ready to move on and do them.

* You love group ritual, embodiment, and song as ways to bring our hearts together.


What to Expect (please read before applying)

Grief Medicine (Z's blog about their first grief ritual)


* Friday Intro: is an opportunity for ritual participants attending the full weekend to bring loved ones to learn more about the ritual and ways to support the integration post ritual. We encourage but do not require full weekend participants to bring loved one(s) with you on Friday.


This ritual is inspired by Sobonfu Some of the Dagara Tribe in Burkina Faso who is no longer with us in body. Before she transitioned we asked her about sharing this work. Her intention was to bring these rituals to the Western world. She thought we might need them even more than her own village. She said, "if you borrow your neighbor's pot to cook dinner, enjoy the dinner and acknowledge that you used your neighbor's pot." She also asked us to contribute 10% of every ritual back to Wisdom Spring. We have also created variations on the grief ritual Sobonfu offered. Our intention is to honor and respect the Dagara Tribe as well as to create what is culturally relevant for us now.


ZAHAVA GRISS (aka Z, They/Them) is a dancer, coach, author, and sexuality educator for social change. Z has been facilitating workshops for 20 years exploring embodiment and eros as a source of healing, creativity, building community, and shifting our culture. Z's offerings invite a dismantling of white culture and the gender binary so we can create more truthful, empowering, and meaningful relationships. Z has been touring a performance ritual, Waters of the Soul, exploring grief and eros. Z coaches facilitators who are transforming our culture of intimacy (sex/kink/dance/yoga educators, artists, coaches, sex workers) who are done playing small and want to create more impact and income offering your wisdom!

SASHA LASDON (They/Them) is a Somatic Sex Educator, dancer and teacher based in Madison, WI. They have worked with movement, dance, embodiment, sexuality and facilitation for over 20 years, teaching at festivals internationally, at universities and coaching individuals and small groups. They have worked in hospice settings for over 10 years. Their passion for participatory, experiential learning and community based practices has roots in contact improvisation, cooperative business structures, queer and anti-racist activism and a love of earth and biological sciences. Their core purposes are rooted in pleasure as a healing force and learning how to hospice the earth in these times.


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